Join us to learn about SB4 / Health First Indiana on Monday, June 26, 6-7 pm at the downtown SJC Public Library in the ballroom. 

Speakers are:

  • SB4 / Health First Indiana Overview – Health Improvement Alliance of St. Joseph County
  • Kreg Gruber, Chief Executive Officer, Beacon Health System
  • Chris Karam, President, Saint Joseph Health System
  • Rose Meissner, President, Community Foundation of SJC
  • Trina Robinson, NAACP Representative
  • Questions & Next Steps

Why meet now?

The state of Indiana is investing in Public Health with the goal: To ensure that every Hoosier has access to the core public health services that allow them to achieve their optimal health and wellbeing.

St. Joseph County has an opportunity to receive significant public health funding, building upon collaboration with community partners and local leaders.

SB4 / Health First Indiana seeks to improve the state’s standing in health outcomes. Currently, Indiana is 40 in overall public health ranking. Among Indiana’s 92 counties, St. Joseph County is 48th in overall health measurements.

Join us to learn about the new legislation and opportunity for our community.

The Health Improvement Alliance and the Importance of Partnerships

The Health Improvement Alliance of St. Joseph County (HIA) is a consortium of public, non-profit and private health-related organizations whose goal is to make ours the healthiest county in Indiana. In the past decade, Alliance members have been part of every significant partnership to improve health, support and address health crises. Issues like infant and maternal mortality, smoking cessation and chronic disease prevention are longtime projects addressed by HIA partnerships. Our experiences demonstrate that are goals can only be achieved through the collaboration of public and private partnerships.


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