The St. Joseph County Health Improvement Alliance was formed in the fall of 2011 after our county completed the National Public Health Performance Standards Assessment through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Purdue University. After completion of the assessment, the weakest areas identified were 1) community data and 2) community partnerships.  
To improve on the findings, a group of stakeholders convened and participated in Lean Six Sigma Training for Public Health Professionals and realized that services weren’t scarce, but communication among organizations was. In. 2013, the Alliance was born.

This group, now recognized as the St. Joseph County Health Improvement Alliance, has met continuously since the assessment. In 2017, operating principles were developed and an Executive Leadership Committee was formed representing the full Alliance. In 2018, a part-time coordinator was hired to be the primary point-of contact and to handle the logistics and coordination with the Alliance and the subcommittees and to help connect people and resources within the community.

Today, the St. Joseph County Health Improvement Alliance has grown to over 170 individuals and meets bi-monthly.   

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